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Welcome to the Pokemon Mysteries and Rumours Wiki.

I am the Pokemon Mystery Guru and you have come to the right place. This wiki goes from the horrors of Lavender Town to the legend of Missingno to the question mark Pokemon in R/S/E.

My first Pokemon mystery investigation was Lavender Town because i knew something wasn't right about it. So i turned to the internet and what i read shocked me. I obviously found Creepypasta. After that i took extreme caution while playing Pokemon Blue i didn't wear headphones and i turned the volume down slightly. But i soon realised the Lavender Town music did not make me want to commit suicide. So i turned to Youtube and long behold i found the user TheJWitzz who explained the Lavender Town theories enough so i could properly understand. This inspired me to start my own investigations and as a result i made my wiki.

My personal thanks have to go to TheJWitzz for his Pokemon Fact of The Day Videos which have really helped my investigations. My best 2 of his videos are Missingno and Lavender Town which are my favourite 2 Pokemon Mysteries. My thanks also go to Creepypasta Wiki for scaring me enough to start researching the Lavender Town theories

I hope you enjoy reading about Pokemon's mysteries and rumours. And of course any helpful contributions from any of you would be greatly appreciated.


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