The legend of Missingno is an interesting one indeed. Since i first encountered Missingno i was fascinated with it. I knew it was odd when i found out that it's pokedex number is 000. I soon after found out it was a glitch.

Missingno is a programming quirk found in the first generation of Pokemon games that can be encountered through a fairly simple process.

1. Talk to the grumpy old man in viridian city any time after he has had his coffee

Missingno 2

Missingno's Most common appearance

2. Use a flying pokemon to fly to cinnabar island

3. Surf on the eastern shore of the island keeping on the vertical line between the sea and land at all times this line is known as the land of the glitch

Mn 1

The line that is being surfed on must be kept to in order for the glitch to work

While surfing you can encounter a number of things. Random assortments of Pokemon often over level 100, on occasion a glitch trainer battle. You can also encounter pokemon from the last area you traveled to allowing you to catch safari zone Pokemon on normal terms. But we are focusing on two glitch pokemon. While surfing you can also encounter Missingno in one of 5 forms or "M" at level 0 or 80. Missingno is a part bird type and part normal type. It knows water gun twice and sky attack. Missingno's 5 forms are its normal form, the ghost sprite, aerodactil fossil, kabutops fossil and another scrambled pixel sprite.

M when captured will continue battling you like nothing went wrong if you capture it a second time you will have an M and a ditto in your party. If M gains any ammount of experience it will evolve into a kangeskan

Missingno when captured and viewed in your pokedex can screw up the games sprites and jumble them up as well as other graphics in the game. This is not permenant, simply look at a pokedex entry of a regular Pokemon and the graphics will be fixed. The only thing about Missingno that is permenant is that it screws up your hall of fame (providing you have beaten the elite 4 already) this can screw up the Pokemon's name and random parts of the info and makes very odd sounds. Missingno does give some incredible stuff like 128 copies of the item you are carrying in the sixth slot from the top. Some people say Missingno is there to occupy extra space. Others claim it's an intentional cheat to access large quantities of rare items. From a gameplay standpoint it's actually pretty fantastic. A very good video on Missingno can be found on youtube simply search "Missingno Pokemon Fact of The Day"

the video should be by TheJWitzz who i must personally thank for posting the video it very much helped my investigation.

Anything that you think should be added to this page can be left in a comment.

Missingno 5 forms

Missingno's 5 Forms

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